Mental Wreckage / Warchetype

Name: Lody Koehorst
Occupation: Producer / DJ / Labelmanager / Founder
Type: Main artist

Mental Wreckage was one of the main producers and founders of Symp.tom. Together with Symp.tom colleague "Mute." he also ran the label. Besides his releases for Symp.tom he also did some succesful remixes; one for Meccano Twins on the italian Traxtorm label and one for Neophyte on the Rotterdam Records 100 anniversary EP.

His main style can be described as an alternative and sometimes experimental form of hardcore techno, maintained by an appetite for powerful kicks and a pounding drive.

Mental Wreckage is also active as a DJ and has performed on many well-respected events such as Defqon.1, Nature One, A Nightmare Outdoor, Ground Zero, Mystery Land, Enzyme Incubation, Earthquake, Masters of Hardcore (still under his previous alias "Butcher"), Hellraiser and Decibel.

Mental Wreckage also works under the name Dual Mechanism, which is a collaboration project with his 'partner in crime' The Relic. With this project these two gentlemen allow themselves more freedom for experimenting with their sound and using a wide variety of influences.

DD13015: Dual Mechanism - Element: Arsenic
NOISJ-04: Moleculez vs. Mental Wreckage & The Relic - Calling the Shadows
SMPT010: Mental Wreckage - Evolve Or Die
SMPT007: Dual Mechanism - Element: Dysprosium
SMPT003: Mental Wreckage - REAL
SMPT001: Mental Wreckage - Structural Chaos

[appears on]

KTRXTCD001: Sarin Assault - Red Reign
DD14024: Embrionyc - Another Sleepness Night
NOISJLTD-01: Zanthrax vs. The Relic - Mind Battle I.V (The Remixes)
SMPT013: Moleculez - Raw Like Sushi
SMPT009: The Relic - Angel's Share
SMPT008: Moleculez - Poison For The Masses
ROT100: Rotterdam Records - De Remiksen
TRSE018: Meccano Twins - Brain: Right Side
SMPT005: Sampler 1 - The Space Between Zero And One